Saturday, November 14, 2009

today, a much needed day of happiness.

i stayed the night at my mimi's house last night.
today we had a very very busy day.
it started out with sleeping in until 10.
after that we decided to go see a movie,
Coco avant Chanel,
before the movie, we stopped at neighborhood walmart to get snacks for the movie. (see Stanley above) then we actually saw the movie, which was absolutely amazing.
next we went to Pier one,
where i imagined i owned my own apartment and had thousands of dollars to spend to decorate my newly bought home, and i fell deeply in love with a painting of the Eiffel tower (looks better in person), that the people behind us in line bought. which made me sad.
after that we went to texas roadhouse,
then i went home, where we watched our weekly shows.
then i did lots and lots of dishes.
my mom gave me a lovely box of chocolate covered cookie dough because i had a really bad week, and here i sit on the computer, blogging.
after, i will probably be going to watch much ado about nothing.
and then sleep!


  1. soooo glad you had a good day yesterday. Love making memories with you. You are a beautiful, fun person to be with & I love you. MiMi

  2. the pick of "flat stanley" looks awesome. excellent.