Sunday, November 8, 2009

i'm done.

i'm done with high school. with the drama, the immature people, and everything in between.
today hasn't been the best of all days. i got in a fight with my best friend.
i could have either a. not said anything and then let it continue building inside me. or b. said what i did and got it out. i'm still mad and all that jazz. everything was perfect freshman and the first semester of sophomore year, it went down hill from there. and has just gotten worse. i've run out of things to do. i don't know. i hold on because i love her to death, and it would be like never talking to my sister again, but i don't think she feels the same way. the tiniest problem is if i let go, who do i have to go to? i don't really have any friends outside of her. i have yearbook and orchestra, but i don't really have any super close friends in there. enough of the yuckyness.
i wanted to get out and relieve stress by taking pictures but instead had to do homework all afternoon, i watched project runway with my mom too.
on top of a really bad day, my car got egged. fabulous.
i took this picture like two weeks ago before our orchestra concert. i walked out to my car without my camera because i had no plans to take pictures. well, the moment i walked outside, i walked back in and grabbed it.
i love a good sunset.

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  1. i'm glad. very glad. about you being done and all.