Wednesday, September 30, 2009


i did not actually achieve my goal. but this week and last have been ridiculously crazy. i'm not making excuses, just stating facts.
anyways my dad give me some good advice last week, "don't look at it as work, have fun." and i don't think i look at it as work, and it's not that i'm blocked. i just have the wrong attitude about it.
so basically, be happy with everything you do.

i also thought that i would add that i am about the happiest i have been in awhile.
one of my absolute fav photogers complimented me today, i'm sure it didn't mean much to him. but it means A LOT to me. i am inspired by the photos he takes. or well, posts. considering i just follow his blog. haha. anyways. i am absolutely blissful at the moment.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel Adams

October 19, 2009

November 2, 2009

i'm setting a goal.

i will write a story this week.
i could do it in a shorter amount of time,
but i want to make sure it at least gets done.
not a regular story though, a photo story. is an amazing website that i use frequently.
it's a great way to meet other photographers,
and to display your work for others to see.
here's a link to stories that people have created,

i'll post my story on there at the end of the week and then post a link to it here.
i'm going to try to start setting goals like this once a week for myself
so i'm not stuck and take pictures of the same things over and over.
maybe every other week.
so, first, story ideas anyone?
peace out cub scout!

Friday, September 18, 2009

i feel blocked in a way

and i don't really know why.
when i get sent out to take pictures of the exact same thing i did the day before
i get a tad annoyed. for some of the spreads we don't exactly know what type of pictures they want so we're kinnda just going along.

i thank the lord every day for my camera.
the school's camera SUCKS.
i haven't thanked my parents enough for mine.
it's my baby:]

junior year has been ridiculously busy so far.
from all 20 clubs i'm in, plus being junior class vp, homework, jcrew, and yearbook i'm already feeling a bit stressed.
but i wouldn't trade it for the world.
i may complain occasionally, but i don't understand how some kids can just not have anything to do.
my classes are okay right now. math should be interesting, i love the teacher, but she isn't the best at teaching. of course APUSH is killing me. but thats because of coleman. yearbook is fun, but i hate writing captions, and orchestra is not really my favorite. the music is so easy and some of the freshman are just annoying. but thats what i get for choosing yearbook over orchestra.
so i'm basically just writing about nothing right now. haha.
friendships are okay. some people seem to be drifting away but thats because we're all so busy. we're ready to snap at each other over almost nothing. distance doesn't really make the heart grow fonder.
boys. well. i thought that i found a guy i liked but that took a 360. so i'm back to me, myself, and i. which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it would just be kinnda nice. idk.
so i got in a wreck last week. well, a week ago from today.
i'm fine, the other car was fine. i just wasn't paying good enough attention and i was in a big hurry. it seriously scared me to death. no joke. i don't really like turning left anymore. at all. some peoples reaction to said wreck aggravated me. thankfully i didn't get a ticket or anything. the car is fixable and my parents were okay with it. it seriously did scare me to death though.
then dad had an accident the day before that. which was interesting. plus he bought a motorcycle. which i haven't rode yet. it makes me really nervous. and my wreck adds to that nervousness, i don't exactly know why. but i'm not in any hurry to ride it.

excuse all of the misspellings and such. i'm sure you can tell i'm not the best at grammer. it's cool though, that's why i'm a picture person:]

Thursday, September 17, 2009

so a month or two ago

i did a shoot with some amazing boys.
i know, it's taken forever for me to post again. i'm a horrible person.
anyways, here are some of the photos.
they were really fun and i love them to death!
i took them to the bethany fire department and they loved the truck.

(this was totally on accident, but i LOVE this photo!)