Wednesday, August 18, 2010

and so it begins.

so do ya remember way back when? when i made a list of things i was going to do this summer? well since one thing i said i'd do (blog more) didn't happen, i will now be telling you the things i accomplished on said list, and did not.
first, i said have a garage sale, that was done and successful.
second, put up pictures in my room. that didn't happen. i ended up redoing my room and am in the process of finishing. my hopes were to get it done before school started but that didn't happen.
third, take more pictures. i'd like to think i took more pictures. i tried to remember to bring my camera with me everywhere and make sure i took a few shots of what i was doing.
fourth, get a tan. well that didn't happen as well as i'd hoped. i got a slight tan but it's not that noticeable.
fifth, read lots. that really didn't happen. i read a couple of books but not nearly as much as i usually do in the summer.
sixth, get healthy. well i started. and i'm restarting tomorrow. seeing as in the summer it's hard to get in the routine of things since we travel so much, but now that school is starting it will be easier.
seventh, learn new song, nope.
eighth, spontaneous trip. i took a spur of the moment trip to lousisiana for a day and a half.
ninth, scrapbook, still didn't happen.
tenth, made a stop motion video.
eleventh, bought the polaroid film!!! one of the best things ever.
twelfth, i learned all there is to know about my diana.
thirteenth, i did not make a purse but i did buy the things for it so i'm half way there.
fourteenth and fifteenth also did not happen. read all the HP books and blog more.
in the very near future i hope to do lots of blogging about our trips and other things.
so tomorrow is the first day of school and i have a weird feeling about it as always. i have an anxious, nervous, excited, annoyed, happy feeling. i mean, it is my senior year. what do ya expect? but i know how tonight will go, the same as it does every year. it will take me forever to go to sleep and then when i finally do, i'll wake up every hour and a half. i hate it but it always happens to me when something is happening the next day. so now i shall go forth and prepare for tomorrow. there isn't really anything i have to do. so i'll probably watch Glee. tomorrow begins my senior year. my last year of high school. weird.