Wednesday, August 12, 2009

louisiana trip

very exciting. we spent lots of time with family and ate had as always, had fun. i always love being there. here are some photos i took.

this was actually before the trip. maddy always sits in the car while my dad packs up our suitcases, so i took some pics of her.

there is a story behind this feeling. my grandparents own a lot of land and my cousins, aunt and i decided to build a fort in a cluster of trees at the back of their property. we had windows, a bench, and this sign. it didn't last for too terribly long. one visit my uncles and dad were trying to burn the pasture and it jumped the line and got into the forest. every firetruck in the area came. it wasn't THAT bad. anyways papa grabbed our scraps of a fort and we haven't rebuilt it for some reason.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have a shoot today. I'm excited, but really nervous. I know i'll get some good photos. But still.
It rained last night and i'm really hoping it dries, because i don't want to shoot with it wet outside. Considering i do most, if not all, of my photos outside.