Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ms Marcia

Here are the photos I'm trying to decide on sending in for the Oklahoma Arts Institute Quartz Mountain.
Here are the "guidelines"

Submit work that reflects your personal style.
Don't Submit clich├ęs - we are sure your family pet is darling cute, and your little brother, sister, nephew, etc, is as well, but most photographs of such subject matter are more snapshots than art.
Imagination and creativity are very important - Do not be afraid to submit unconventional work.
Submit work of consistent quality - if you think one or two images in your portfolio do not quite measure up, you are probably right. Take the time to redo them.

They're judging on:

I need 6 to 8 photos.
Here we go.

I had about 20. Then I got rid of some. Then I got rid of more. So, there aren't a whole lot to choose from. They put a time limit on it, so that narrowed down my search too. Thank you so very much ma'am!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

my holiday season

i fully enjoyed spending time with my family,
but i always do.
but the main point of this post is that i got the amazing lens i wanted:)
here are some of the shots i got while in louisiana.
i'm excited to see what will come from this thing:)

it has a creative aperture thingy, so basically if the light is out of focus and i have the star in, it makes the out of focus light in to a star. see above. haha