Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Girl Behind the Camera

I may or may not have slacked off a lot and not blogged pretty much at all this summer. More like may. We are now nearing the last threeish weeks remaining of summer. It's depressing but very exciting at the same time. This is the first year I am actually excited for school to begin. I'm ready to begin my senior year, I'm taking classes that interest me, and it's the beginning of the end. Which I guess the last part is redundant but I'm just really excited. I don't have my schedule yet but when we get back in town I'll find out for sure what I'm taking.
So the things that have happened this summer, I spent the first two weeks doing nothing. I hung out with friends a bit, then at the end of the two weeks we had a garage sale, I then went to Louisiana for two days, and continued on to Galveston for our family trip at the beach. After that I did nothing for a week and then the four of us went to Denver. We went for dad's ISTE technology conference. JC and I helped to present at the Think(ED), formerly known as SchoolCenter, booth, that was an interesting experience. I was super nervous to speak in front of people, it's not a favorite thing of mine. After the conference we went to the mountains and such then we returned home. And so I've spent the last three weeks busy hanging out with friends. I also did a shoot for a friend of mine. I have A LOT of photos to post from both trips and the shoot. We leave for Louisiana tomorrow so when I get back I shall do so! I'm looking forward to seeing family I haven't seen in a couple of years and other family I see often. I always enjoy spending time with my family, they are a huge part of my life.
I got two new cameras! I bought a Kodak Instamatic and a Kodak No 2A Brownie, neither one are really worth anything but I like them anyways. The Brownie is from the early 1900s which is really cool to me. Sometime in the beginning of June I bought Polaroid film which made be so unbelievably happy. Each photo is a little piece of me. There are only two so far. And one disappeared in Denver which is really depressing. I am trying to take pictures sparingly considering how expensive film is.
To explain the title I have been watching Bones on Netflix, the names of the title for each show always describes where the victim is found and similar to above. Anyways I know I'm not dead but I can pretty much be found behind my camera all the time this summer. Or pretty much just all the time. I was hanging out with my friend Andrew the other day, we went to get cupcakes, I pulled out my camera and took a picture, he then asked "Do you ever leave your house without your camera? I can't imagine that you do." It made me laugh, but I liked it.
I still have to pack and do lots of cleaning in my room, plus a little laundry to attend to. So I'll probably continue to put that off for another couple of hours and spend more time watching Bones and doing nothing on Facebook.