Friday, May 29, 2009

First picture!

So this is just a picture i took on the way back to school from senior breakfast. Nothing special, but i like it because it has a relaxed feeling i enjoy photographing.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today was like any normal day. I stayed with mimi and helped her buy groceries, watched movies, finished a book. Nothing really thrilling. But today was also a significant day. Today was the day i truly realized i'm not a little kid anymore. I'm a 17 year old, pretty, nice, smart, junior in high school who has an annoying voice, bites her nails, loves taking pictures and enjoys playing music. And i'm happy with that, happy with being single, loving her family and being a loud random dork. I'm not the 7 year old singing along with her cassette in the backyard, pretending to be on a stage anymore. I'm going to have to start making important decisions, like a job or college, not to far off in the future. Not yet, but it will be here before i know it. And i'm not to terribly comfterable with that. I just have to keep my eyes on God and remember he has a plan for me.

So obviously my whole photo blog hasn't started yet since i haven't posted any pics yet. Ah well. Excuse all my typing errors. So i'm going to try to sleep now. Good night!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well i just recently bought a touch and so i'm experimenting with aps. Excuse the random post :]


Well I decided I was going to start a photography blog, considering I'm into photography now. I think that would deffinatly make sense. I'll probably post my random thoughts as well sometimes. But the posts will mostly just be my attempt at photography. I will TRY to post often, but we'll see if that really happens. Adios for now!