Saturday, May 29, 2010

day two

Well it is the second day of summer. I started day one off by watching Heroes all morning, getting a haircut, and spending the evening with friends. Day two included extravaganza all morning, more Heroes, and then I spent the last thirty minutes drowning out the world with my ipod and took some time to myself. I took pictures in the backyard. There is not much back there to photograph but I got some stuff. It had been awhile since I picked up my camera. I have been discouraged lately because all of my plans I had hoped for this summer photography wise fell through. With all of that and added stress and sadness of other things it resulted in me becoming lazy and neglecting my camera. But I decided it was just stupid to stop taking pictures, I won't get any better by doing that. You only get better by taking more, I read a great blog post awhile back about that. Plus it is only the beginning of the summer so who knows what will happen and if nothing does then there is always next year. Anyways, here are some of the photos I took tonight.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Junior year is gone,

And summer is here! This school year went by the fastest of them all. My junior year has been like no other. I was busy with clubs, activities, and homework. I grew to love photography even more than I could imagine. I lost friends and gained new ones. This has probably been the most tear filled year but that doesn’t matter, I survived and life goes on. Senior year is soon to come and I'm ready to leave high school with a bang. More importantly I have an exciting summer ahead. Mostly my plans consist of trips with family, which are my favorite kind. Other than that I have a lot of free time and to any photographers in OKC looking for an intern, I’d be more than happy to help!
On another note, I always have goals each summer but maybe if I post them I'll actually get them done! Here are just a few, I’ll probably add more as I go.

1. Garage sale
2. Put up pictures in my room
4. Get a tan
5. Read lots of books
6. Get healthy
7. Learn a new song on the violin or piano
8. Take a spontaneous trip
9. Scrapbook about something
10. Make a movie, stop motion style
11. Buy Polaroid film
12. Figure out my Diana
13. Make a purse
12. Read all of the Harry Potter books again
13. Blog more

Saturday, May 1, 2010

stop motion

i got really bored today, so i made this stop motion video.
it didn't take me long and it's only around 80 pictures.
it's random and my first one, so don't make fun of me :)