Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Junior year is gone,

And summer is here! This school year went by the fastest of them all. My junior year has been like no other. I was busy with clubs, activities, and homework. I grew to love photography even more than I could imagine. I lost friends and gained new ones. This has probably been the most tear filled year but that doesn’t matter, I survived and life goes on. Senior year is soon to come and I'm ready to leave high school with a bang. More importantly I have an exciting summer ahead. Mostly my plans consist of trips with family, which are my favorite kind. Other than that I have a lot of free time and to any photographers in OKC looking for an intern, I’d be more than happy to help!
On another note, I always have goals each summer but maybe if I post them I'll actually get them done! Here are just a few, I’ll probably add more as I go.

1. Garage sale
2. Put up pictures in my room
4. Get a tan
5. Read lots of books
6. Get healthy
7. Learn a new song on the violin or piano
8. Take a spontaneous trip
9. Scrapbook about something
10. Make a movie, stop motion style
11. Buy Polaroid film
12. Figure out my Diana
13. Make a purse
12. Read all of the Harry Potter books again
13. Blog more

1 comment:

  1. good list. all very do-able. my list:
    design 2 courses online
    sleep in
    catch up on movies
    spend time in prayer for friends serving abroad
    have fun with the 3 people i love the most in the world
    think i can accomplish these?