Wednesday, July 29, 2009

to my dearest brother,

i love you so very much. you mean so much to me, and i never say that. i enjoy every moment with you and would never trade you for the world. you are crazy but i'm crazy along with you. and so, here we go.

this is a real treat because he NEVER takes pictures with me. never.
this was on the train back home. it was dark, so the pictures are dark as well.

see life.

the world comes to life...

and everythings alright
from beginning to end
when you have a friend
by your side
that helps you to find
the beauty of all
when you'll open your heart and
believe in
the gift of a friend
-Demi Lovato

there once was a girl, and she was a flower. she had a best friend that was a hippie. they both loved each other ever so much, and had no clue what they would do without each other. the hippie loved her flower very much, even through the boys, tears, and fights. she is a beautiful, smart and amazing person, er flower. they have never ending inside jokes, can finish each others sentences, and will be together for life. the hippie missed her flower ever so much. there is so much more the hippie could say but then this would take forever and is sure you're already bored. the end.

see life.

awsome jewlery!!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my first portraits :]

these are my ever so loving cousins, sam, abby, and liv. i decided to do some pictures of them while i was in dallas visiting.




i obviously liked the fence.

she was telling me a story about nothing, typical olivia.

my next post will feature a post on my bff jill, aka marcela, and on my brother from the same mother.

see life.


let the choir sing! yes, the time has come! i am actually posting pictures! rejoice!

okay, yes i am joking. mom, i know your probably the only one who reads this. anyways, these are all of my pictures from this summer so far. starting from the beginning. i just hope i don't miss anything...

okay so this my friend christy's horse. isn't he cute? anyways, the rest are all from the stables.

and next we have the wild flowers and green door with the additional random shots out the window... enjoy.

and now is time for the red earth parade. i think my dates are a little mixed here. oh well. here are the native americans.

next are pictures from our family reunion at the lake plus some that i took while in louisiana.

and now for more recent pictures. jc and i went on the train to dallas. i took some on the train, at the art museum, portraits of my cousins, and then more on the train. (almost done!)

okay so they had a really cool kids center at the museum and they had rubbings (this is sam's)

plus this weird tv screen thingy. basically a piece of plastic and when you held it up in front of the screen, it showed up like this...

i'll post the pictures of the girls seperatly. they deserve their own post. they're my first portraits. so at least i think so. :]

and so on the way back home, this is the result. i don't actually know the guy in the fifth picture.

this was through the window. i think it gives it a nice hazy look.

and last but not least are some pictures i took at work the other night and some pictures i took today on the way home with dad from stillwater. enjoy!

look familiar?

see life.