Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the world comes to life...

and everythings alright
from beginning to end
when you have a friend
by your side
that helps you to find
the beauty of all
when you'll open your heart and
believe in
the gift of a friend
-Demi Lovato

there once was a girl, and she was a flower. she had a best friend that was a hippie. they both loved each other ever so much, and had no clue what they would do without each other. the hippie loved her flower very much, even through the boys, tears, and fights. she is a beautiful, smart and amazing person, er flower. they have never ending inside jokes, can finish each others sentences, and will be together for life. the hippie missed her flower ever so much. there is so much more the hippie could say but then this would take forever and is sure you're already bored. the end.

see life.

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