Wednesday, September 30, 2009


i did not actually achieve my goal. but this week and last have been ridiculously crazy. i'm not making excuses, just stating facts.
anyways my dad give me some good advice last week, "don't look at it as work, have fun." and i don't think i look at it as work, and it's not that i'm blocked. i just have the wrong attitude about it.
so basically, be happy with everything you do.

i also thought that i would add that i am about the happiest i have been in awhile.
one of my absolute fav photogers complimented me today, i'm sure it didn't mean much to him. but it means A LOT to me. i am inspired by the photos he takes. or well, posts. considering i just follow his blog. haha. anyways. i am absolutely blissful at the moment.

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