Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sad sad day. I went to Baker photo and video today to see about getting my camera fixed. They did a workshop for our yearbook over the summer, they were amazingly helpful and nice. But they couldn't fix my camera, and so now it has to be sent in to Canon. And i won't get it back for about 4 weeks.
Thankfully dad said i can use his though.
At this moment i am thinking i will go for a walk in the morning, it has been a crazy, hard, and stressful 2 weeks. And i need a break. Time to think. And the best way for me to think is to take pictures.
I'm watching snl right now. I never know what time it's on so i always miss it. I have an essay and a dbq i need to start on tomorrow.
I have decided i for sure want to do great things when i get older. I don't know what though.
Aaaanyways. I'm going to watch my show now.

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