Sunday, November 15, 2009

camera, don't fail me now.

today started out similar to yesterday,
i slept in.
then i read until about 12
and started getting ready for fiddler on the roof.
it was pretty good!
once i got home i decided it was time to make my new moon shirt,
seeing as the movie is THIS WEEK!!
the new moon thingy is in the corner, if ya didn't know.
it's all iron on's! :]

super excited for tomorrow!
i'm sure i'll have lots to post about.

my camera is being weird and getting an error 99,
i'm familiar with it because our school cameras get that a lot.
but mine has never done it before.
i really hope it stops. i'll probably cry if it doesn't.
plus i'm suppose to be taking pictures tomorrow! bleeeeck.

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