Sunday, November 22, 2009

okay so i was lazy and went back to sleep, i didn't take a walk this morning. i'm still grieving over my camera. sad sad day. poor Lindsey. yes, she has a name.
so i spent most of my day writing a stupid DBQ and essay for APUSH. my worst enemy.
i have a headache, and i am SO glad there is only 2 days of school this week.
i am ready for the family, conversations, food, love and everything else that comes with thanksgiving. holidays are my favorite. other than the fact there's no school:]
today has been a fairly blah day, with not much to update about.
i get to finish my DBQ tomorrow and that's probably it, other than going to school.
maybe it will be rainy and i can get some pictures. or not.

here's another sunset picture.

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