Thursday, November 5, 2009


I got two big complements today, my favorite kind too, photog. My close friend sarah, is a senior this year. They have to make a senior portfolio for english, and she is a big bowler. She had no pictures of herself and asked if i would take some. Actually, it was more like. "WAIT! You're a photographer! Can you take pictures of me bowling?" And of course, i said yes. The shoot went smooth, short and sweet. She only needed like 3 or 4 good pictures. Might post those within the next couple of days.
My second compliment today was while at the bowling alley, a girl in my math class was there. I went over, said hi, asked if she had done the math homework yet, blah, blah. She then asks if i was taking pictures of sarah. She said she loves my pictures, and they are amazing, that i inspire her. This made me happy:]
This will be a busy busy weekend. But i'm pumped. Tomorrow night we have a game, it's senior night, meaning pictures pictures and more pictures. Then saturday morning i have NHS volunteering, the music man: snu's musical, and then the rest of snu's homecoming events. Sunday we have church and lunch, then sleep.
Now i leave you on the note of wanting more. Or less:]

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  1. Its good to know that people are recognizing your talent. You seem to have plenty of it from what I've seen.