Tuesday, November 23, 2010

random thoughts

Wow has this school year been busy. and flown by! i can't believe it is already thanksgiving break. i'm in my first block right now, we don't have anything to today. or typically everyday. i normally work on the senior slide show or class calender but i don't have any of that to do today so i felt it would be a good idea to post on my very much neglected blog. this post will have no order and so i will write down whatever pops into my mind. not to terribly much has happened this year. yearbook has been crazy busy, we turned in our first deadline yesterday so we're having a party today. i got a job! i work everyday, or everyday i'm able to. i get paid well and work about an hour a day. (they close at 5 and i can't get there till after 4.) i do filing and odd jobs. i am becoming a vegetarian. i watched Food Inc. and am now kinnda grossed out by meat. i plan to stick with it but considering i typically don't with these types of things, we'll see if it lasts. i'm also doing it for health reasons so i'm going to try. i don't really have any pictures to post, i haven't had much time to take any. i did while we were camping and i finished all of my polaroids, but that's it. I got my senior pictures done and they are AMAZING. Michelle Meisner did a fantastic job. i'm sure there are tons of other things that i can't think of, so for now adios.

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