Saturday, December 12, 2009

i have found the love of my life.

i enjoy thrift store shopping,
i like finding somthing unexpected.
somthing someone else didn't want,
and falling in love with it.
well, we have a goodwill right around the corner from our house,
which is nice for me.
i went today to find an ugly christmas sweater for friday,
and of course had to browse to see if there were any good deals.
while looking at the tech stuff i happened to see a little black box.
i tryed not to get my hopes up,
and then, it hit me. i had finally found a polaroid camera.
it was all i could do from jumping up and down and yelling.
i decided at that point i should check the price, seeing as i still needed to buy a sweater, and i only brought 10 dollars.
the sticker said 3. it was a miracle.
on top of that it was yellow sticker day, %50 off.
it was a miracle x2!
i had a found a polaroid camera
at an affordable price. dirt cheap actually.
now i'm anxious to find out if it actually works.
i reeeeeally want to go get film. now. but i will wait.
i ahve wanted one for awhile
but haven't found one (other than online) that i actually wanted.
today i did. i am very happy:]

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